What shoe size ?

7 steps to measure children’s feet:

1 - The child must wear a pair of socks that corresponds to the use of the shoes. Ensure that the socks are not constricting the toes.

2 - Use a professional foot gauge (sold in shoe shops) to measure the foot.

3 - Measure the two feet whilst the child is standing, the weight of the body well-distributed on both legs.

4 - Ensure that the heel is against the back stop of the foot gauge.

5 - Straighten the child’s feet as much as possible and press on the toes to read the correct length.

6 - Push the slider forwards so that it rests lightly against the longest toe; the tip of that toe is the reference to be used.

7 - Read the length measurement indicated at the front end of the slider. For example: a measure in size 27 has to be fitted in size 27, a size 27 ¼ in size 28.

3 things to avoid:

1 - Putting a finger between the stiffener and the foot to check the size.

2 - Choosing a bigger size and adding an insole inside the shoe. This will only deteriorate the quality of the GBB shoe. You do not need to add anything for growing room as this allowance is built in to all GBB shoes.

3 - Pressing the tip of the shoe is useless as you might hurt the child’s feet.

With the technical help of Alain Madec, independent trainer in the fitting of children’s shoes, GBB offers shoes for children aged from 0 to 12 .